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Nowadays we are requested by our inventive and forward thinking customers to push the boundaries to make impressive, unique designs to make their ideas really stand out.

So what ideas have you guys dreamed up?


Since the boom of interest around Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding in 2014 flower walls are increasingly in the public eye at celebrity weddings and with affordable flower wall hire available, we are able to get the celebrity look without breaking the bank. Flower walls are fast becoming a highly desired wedding centrepiece.


Whether it’s for your PR or a make-up masterclass, we believe a floral backdrop can bring a host of benefits at a fraction of the cost of many alternatives with no compromise on the wow factor. The capability to match colours to themes and options to adorn the wall with custom signage and branding make a flower wall an invaluable addition to any event.

Birthday Parties

A birthday party is where customisation options really do come into their own, a birthday is about the individual and themes, words and fonts can be used to make their day extra special, just for the birthday boy or girl.


One of our favourite combinations is our white rose and hydrangea flower wall complimented by gold or silver baubles and subtle clear white lights to create a classy backdrop for Christmas events and parties; you can even add a splash of red to enhance the festive feel.

Baby Showers

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Flower walls are no strangers to promotional campaign photo shoots, their durability and non-wilting characteristics are perfect to withstand the harsh studio lighting whilst giving a high quality, natural appearance. The likes of Dior, Jimmy Choo and Elle have featured flower wall backdrops in their recent campaigns


License To Thrill!

Where there is beauty, ideas bloom